Thoughts on Faithfulness

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve continued reading a number of blogs and thinking about leadership, but the “urge to post” has just not been there.

Miss Brown continues to teach me things. Just the other day, her actions spurred me to think about what it means to be faithful. That word, “faithful,” is a little tricky. It carries with it religious connotations, and also the idea of being faithful to a spouse. But, as Miss Brown knows, you can be faithful to many things.

Miss Brown totally adores my husband. She stays near him when he is around, and watches him leave each morning for work. She watches out the window until she sees the taillights of his car disappear; only then, will she relax. She likes me very well, too, but he is unquestionably her favorite. However, she is a faithful companion to us both … and faithful in other ways, too.

For example, she is faithful to her frisbee. Now, this sound kind of silly when I say it, but what I mean is, she never gives up. If she loses a frisbee (which happens especially in the winter, when it’s buried by snow), she will look for it endlessly, all winter long, until she either manages to dig it up or the snow melts enough that it appears. If the frisbee gets hung up in a tree, she sits under the branch where it’s caught, faithfully waiting for one of us to come along and shake it loose. If it goes into the pond, she will jump into the coldest water to retrieve it.

I am, at times, amazed by how well she remembers, how long she hangs on, and the discomfort she endures.

People can be faithful in just as many ways to different things. For example, I write a newsletter for my work audience. I am faithful to getting that newsletter out on time, and to making it be as readable and informative as I can. I write and rewrite, edit, add photos, work to make the headlines “punch,” and more. The idea is to make the newsletter a medium of choice for sharing information in my workplace. I enjoy this process, so the question occurs to me, “Is enjoying an activity a key to how faithful we might be to it?”

My writing of a newsletter is just one example of faithfulness at work. What are some of the things to which you are faithful as you manage your career?

How can leaders exhibit their faithfulness?

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