I Agree!

I just read this article (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010/09/why_corporate_leaders_wont_abo.html) about performance reviews that came to me in my e-mail, from the Management Craft blog. The article is from the Harvard Business Review. I absolutely agree with what it has to say.

The author begins in an intriguing way: “Assume there was a corporate practice that damaged the relationship between bosses and their subordinates, kept employees from speaking honestly about themselves and company practices, helped bad managers be bad managers and hindered good managers from being good managers, and ultimately hurt the bottom line. Further assume that there wasn’t a shred of evidence that anything good came out of this practice.”

Then he asks the question, “What do you think managers would do?”

Don’t you want to read the rest to find out?

Organizations everywhere, including mine and probably yours, spend a lot of time on performance reviews. (I always wonder if anyone has ever figured out just how much this process costs in terms of man hours!) The author suggests that we’d all do better to get out of the judgment cycle, which, in fact, creates a less-than-trusting atmosphere that may damage performance more than we know.

Anyway, please check out the article. It’ll make you think, at least, about the why of performance reviews, whether or not you agree that they should be abolished.

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