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A Fabulous Leadership Quote that Says It All

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John Maxwell What else is there to say?

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The Shocking Truth about Improvement and Innovation

In today’s world, organizations recognize the need for constant improvement as well as the need for innovation. Combining the two is a different story. Chuck Roe has written a blog post about combining innovation and improvement, titled¬†“The Shocking Truth about Improvement and Innovation.”¬†(Scroll to the bottom of the page once you click on this link.) [...]

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Older and Wiser

Miss Brown is older now, and wiser, too. She still loves to run after her Frisbee, and she still has several favorite leadership quotes. One of them is “Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it,” by Marian Anderson. Miss Brown knows that if [...]

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Employees Are Volunteers!

An interesting quote about leadership comes from Peter Drucker: Accept the fact that we have to treat almost anybody as a volunteer…” What? Treat employees as volunteers? Why on earth would anyone do that? Since employees are paid, surely it’s easier and more convenient simply to tell them what to do, reward them if they [...]

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Focus on the Positive

A leadership skill that’s harder to practice than it should be is to focus on the positive. I used to be a teacher, and in that role, I had to give tests and grade papers. I noticed that some of my colleagues focused on the negative by writing the number missed at the top. Others [...]

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Sometimes Guessing Is a Strategy!

My latest efforts on Sudoku are almost always on the more challenging puzzles — the ones labeled “Very Difficult.” I like it best when I am able to work the puzzle without putting in little numbers, no matter how long it takes. Sometimes I can’t go beyond knowing that two squares should contain either one [...]

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Thoughts on Faithfulness

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve continued reading a number of blogs and thinking about leadership, but the “urge to post” has just not been there. Miss Brown continues to teach me things. Just the other day, her actions spurred me to think about what it means to be faithful. [...]

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10 Ways to Reward Employees

Miss Brown, the Chocolate Labrador Retreiver who is the star of the book A Dog’s Advice to Leaders, loves a good reward after she has retreived her Frisbee 20 times — and she knows employees feel the same way. After they work hard and achieve results, rewards are good. Rewards also set the tone of [...]

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I Agree!

I just read this article ( about performance reviews that came to me in my e-mail, from the Management Craft blog. The article is from the Harvard Business Review. I absolutely agree with what it has to say. The author begins in an intriguing way: “Assume there was a corporate practice that damaged the relationship [...]

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What Do Followers Want? CASE

I decided to explore leadership videos on YouTube tonight. I looked through several: pictures of beautiful scenes with inspiring words floating in front; Al Pacino in the defense scene in Scent of a Woman; a video labeled The Funniest Leadership Video; and more. The one I decided to share is a bit dry to watch [...]

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