Are You a Good Boss?

This article from CNN Careers (which came to me via Twitter) describes what lots of people think makes a good boss. Not surprisingly, some of the most valued qualities show up as actions:

  • Showing respect
  • Being available for consultation
  • Offering constructive criticism (in a kind way)
  • Making suggestions
  • Being flexible
  • Keeping employees informed

Being available for consultation is an interesting one for me. I’ve had bosses who would be gone for two weeks at a time — and would then fly into the office, call a meeting, and dump information for two hours — information without context and understanding on the part of the employees. I’ve also had bosses who micromanaged — looking over my shoulder and criticizing the smallest actions. Neither of these is a good model.

The best model is to be available, if not always, then at least regularly; if not in person, then at least by phone or e-mail. Time for employees should be a priority, set aside, sacrosanct. It should not be something to do when nothing else is keeping you busy.

One-on-one sessions are a good way to do this. If you don’t hold one-on-ones with each of your employees on a regular basis, perhaps instituting such a practice would be a good idea.

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  1. I think the greatest honor afforded any boss, is the title “Good”. The “Good” is any manager, boss, or leader who seeks to, and understands the employees, makes him/herself aware of what makes the employees ‘tick’ or when there are matters affecting the productivity, or morale of the employees. Then, such leaders/managers effects the changes to correct shortcomings, boost morale, or inspire the employees to keep standards at high levels. Good bosses usually manifest in good employees, and reflect in company standards, and results on or above par.

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