About the Photographer

Melanie Love is the author’s daughter and photographer for A Dog’s Advice to Leaders.  She has been seriously involved in the filed of photography for over 15 years, and earned her Associates of Applied Science in Photographic Technology in 2005.  She’s had several images published in the Huron River Review, a local literary magazine produced annually.

She describes her first experience with photography this way:

“My passion for photography began when I was a young girl. I spent many a summer visiting my granddad in Tennessee.  I so wished I could take just one picture with his camera. When I was about eight years old, my wish came true.  Granddad and I often sat together on his front porch. One afternoon, without a word, he knelt down beside me and let me point and shoot all by myself.  This experience has defined my fate.  I’ve never stopped taking pictures since that day.”

Melanie takes pictures of nature which you can see on her photography blog. She also specializes in intimate portraits of family, friends, children, and pets many of which are on her Flickr page or her website.

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