About the Book

Excerpt from the Author’s Foreword….

One evening over dinner, after a particularly long day at work, my husband and I were talking about the frustrations we experience due to well-intentioned yet ineffective leadership.

After listening to a story from him about people not performing as well as expected because they did not fully understand what their leaders wanted them to do, I commented, “If only they would make their expectations clear.”

Just at that moment, as if she understood my words, our dog, Nestle, leaned forward from where she was seated next to my knee and looked beseechingly at me, plainly asking for a bite of the food I was eating.  “She certainly makes her expectations clear,” I said, with a laugh.  “I wish all leaders would follow her example.”

At that point, a lively discussion ensued about what other characteristics dogs have that would benefit many leaders.  And from there, I wrote this little book…..

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