About the Author


About the Author

Jo Ellen Roe, Miss Brown’s best friend, aka Kate, has been a student of leadership for a number of years.She holds a Masters degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development, as well as degrees in English and Education.In her career as a teacher, communicator, and writer, she has worked for more than 20 leaders.Astonishingly, only seven of the 20 have both inspired her and earned her respect.She says, “Without exception, the leaders I have admired and respected have had top-notch people skills: they listened to their employees and sometimes changed their actions as a result; if they did not change, they told us why. They paid attention to people’s feelings.Their actions matched their words.”

Jo Ellen knows what works with employees and what makes the leader’s job more difficult than it has to be.She also understands that busy leaders need a quick, easy-to-read leadership resource to enhance their effectiveness and lead them to success.A Dog’s Advice to Leaders is just such a resource.

Jo Ellen has been married to Miss Brown’s other best friend, Doug, for many years.They feel very fortunate to live near their three daughters and their families, which include three granddaughters and two grandsons.

The author and the inspiration

About Miss Brown

Miss Brown, the Chocolate Labrador Retriever that narrates A Dog’s Advice to Leaders, is well suited to offering advice about people skills, as she has top-notch people skills of her own.  She knows just what to do – from setting crystal clear expectations to appreciating good performance – to get people to perform.  She is a certified “Master Frisbee Retriever” and practices her skills constantly to keep them current.  She loves sharing her wisdom with you to help you – or someone you know – be as effective a leader as she is.

Miss Brown was born in 1994 and came to live with her family in November of that year.  She’s added much joy to family life in the years since and displays endless enthusiasm for family activities.